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Open since 2014, Gesher has grown to over 90 students from across the country for the 2020-2021 school year.


We offer varied and comprehensive Judaic studies online classes for elementary-age children. 


2021-2022 registration will open May 15th. Check out our classes to see which ones might work for you!

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Gesher Mission Statement

Here at Gesher, our aim is to help students connect with the weekly Torah portion and the upcoming holidays not just as a subject in school, but as part of the fabric of their lives, a part of their lives that excites and enlivens them. In text-based learning such as Chumash, we aim to empower our students with skills to be able to learn Chumash independently as well as to glean lessons from the text that apply to their everyday lives.

2020-2021 Wrap-Up Video 

Shabbos Video